Fact sheet

  Address: 180 Miller Rd., 
Champlin, MN 55316
Phone: 763.323.6550

Web site: www.Qfanatic.com

EMail: qfanatic@qfanatic.com

Owner: Charlie Johnson
Chef: Charlie
Employees: His kids
Concept: Counter service BBQ and Grill
Décor: tables and booths with contemporary Marcus Pierson Coyote prints and posters on the walls and blues in the background
Seating: 50 in the front room and 30-40 in the back room
Menu: their interpretation of BBQ and Grill with prices ranging from 4.50 for the classic Po boy to 19.95 for 2 lb. St. Louis pork rib dinner, most sandwiches around 5.50-6.50 and meals between 8.00 and 19.95, sides 1.75 and 3.00

Any questions please contact Charlie directly at 612.242.6748